C7 ZR1 Corvette Rumors

The latest talk in the Corvette world is the rumor of the ZR1 and a dual overhead cam V8. Some high-resolution pictures have surfaced this week that show the ZR1 is in late development and may be coming soon. Photos and video have been taken on a prototype testing at the Nürburgring.

Several obvious changes are the high rear wing and the “Pentagram” style wheels. The hood has a new style shape compared to the current C7. The front grille has much larger openings on the outer edges for better cooling.

Power numbers have not yet been confirmed from Chevrolet but with what’s coming from Detroit lately I would expect 100+ on the current numbers. Modern Day Domestic Muscle Cars are creeping towards the Centennial Horsepower number. Who could have imagined having nearly 1000 HP from the factory, with a warranty and being 50 state legal.