Bound-by Marketing

Our marketing agency, Bound-by Marketing, Inc. is an interactive (not just digitally) pr/marketing boutique that offers solutions for your business and the cloud that we are all floating in.  Their creative concepting, branding, interactive design, and social media management will transform the way you look at your marketing strategy and social footprint.  The key is composing a harmonious message that is consistent with your business, service, or product, but one that is flexible enough to keep the pace with a digital marketplace.

Their philosophy is simple.  Love their clients (and that they do!).  Laugh, learn from and enjoy their successes as well as their failures.  Strive on a daily basis to take time for themselves and remember why they LOVE what they do.  Go home satisfied that they gave themselves and those they work with their absolute best.   If they manage to do that every day, they can’t have a bad day!

Their mission is to provide kick-ass pr/marketing ideas, strategy and design to their clients so they can achieve even further greatness for their clients.

A big thank you to the team at Bound-by Marketing!