Hose Candy

The team at OOMPH Labs is dedicated to inventing products that transform the look and performance of vehicles in the automotive aftermarket. It is our goal – no our drive – to create that “something extra”, the oomph! that makes products fun and successful. Hose Candy is the first product released that meets the driving force behind OOMPH! Labs.

OOMPH! Labs was founded by inventor Jon Petty, who is well known for his pioneering efforts in Phoenix Systems. Phoenix Systems has achieved milestone success in bringing new technology to the automotive industry. Oomph Labs will concentrate on inventing new automotive products outside the focused brake niche of Phoenix Systems. Jon continues to provide the key technologies for which Phoenix is famous.

About Founder and Chief Inventor Jon Petty:

Jon Petty founded Phoenix Systems in 1995. He has been awarded more than a dozen US and foreign patents to help Phoenix achieve its success in the commercial automotive brake specialty field.