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The LSX Dr. is a diehard LS enthusiast, Master ASE Technician and master of all things GM. He researches, builds, studies and perfects the ART of the LS Engine. LSX for Life.


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  • LS2-Throttlebody

    LS Throttle Body Guide

    Since the introduction of the LS engine in 1997 there have been several variations of throttle bodies. They have ranged from the original cable driven, three bolt 78mm, all the way up the 90mm, electronically controlled four bolt found on the LS3. Depending on your application a larger throttle body can provide some additional power. …

  • LSA-Dimentions

    LS Engine Technical Specifications

    GEN III 1997-2005 LS1 5.7L Aluminum block and heads 345 HP at 5600 RPM 350 LB FT at 4400 RPM 3.898” bore 3.622” stroke 346 CID 10.25:1 compression ratio Cathedral Port Cylinder Heads LS6 5.7L Aluminum block and heads 2001 385 HP 385 LB FT TQ 2002-2004 405 HP 400 LB FT TQ 3.989” bore …

  • LS Valve Cover-1

    LS Valve Cover Upgrade

    One of the most effective ways to upgrade the look of an LS engine is to change the valve covers. The OE valve covers are made from cast aluminum and have a rough, unfinished look that is not very appealing. The ignition coils are mounted to a bracket or directly to the valve covers depending …

Building GM’s most powerful Engine Ever, the 650hp LT4 V8

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