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The LSX Dr. is a diehard LS enthusiast, Master ASE Technician and master of all things GM. He researches, builds, studies and perfects the ART of the LS Engine. LSX for Life.


News + Technical Articles

  • Alignit-5

    LS Timing and Rear Cover Alignment

    The LS engine uses front timing cover and rear main seal cover made from cast aluminum. Each has a seal pressed in to keep the oil on the crankshaft from leaking out. Between each cover and the engine block are seals made from stamped aluminum impregnated with a rubber seal. Aligning these covers is critical …

  • Trunnion Kit

    LS Rocker Arm Upgrade

    Look around these days at any car show or race track and you will find some kind of performance vehicle running an LS engine. From the street to the desert to the water, the LS engine has been proven to make exceptionally high, reliable power while remaining compact and light weight. A perfect combination for …

  • LS2-Throttlebody

    LS Throttle Body Guide

    Since the introduction of the LS engine in 1997 there have been several variations of throttle bodies. They have ranged from the original cable driven, three bolt 78mm, all the way up the 90mm, electronically controlled four bolt found on the LS3. Depending on your application a larger throttle body can provide some additional power. …

Building GM’s most powerful Engine Ever, the 650hp LT4 V8

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