Mag-Daddy is owned and operated by True North Corporation, a new and expanding automotive aftermarket company that has great potential and many ambitions! True North has teamed up with one of the leaders in the automotive fastener industry, Termax Corporation. Termax Corporation has been building and designing OEM approved automotive fasteners to companies such as Volvo, GM, Ford and many more. Every car on the road today has at least one Termax product within it.

True North has teamed up with Termax Corporation to bring to the aftermarket world the customer service and reliability that the larger companies have come to expect from Termax Corporation and their partners. True North began after witnessing, for years, the struggle that auto body shops and restoration shops had with automotive fasteners. During their day to day projects the fasteners would snap or get stuck in the automotive panel or frame of the car, and once they broke there was no easy way to replace the fasteners. True North saw a need for a new type of fastener, and with help from Termax Corporation we designed the revolutionarily magnetic fasteners. The first ever automotive fasteners that are completely universal; allowing our product line to replace every different clip on the market today. The Mag-Daddy product line is a way to save restoration shops time and money by not having to search for replacement automotive fasteners that are not reliable. Mag-Daddy offers the first and only all-in-one product line that is a one-stop-shop for every one of your automotive fastener needs.