Pure Power Oil Filters

Pure Power! Incorporated has spent the last eight years in Research, Development and Marketing of its proprietary line of patented, Extreme High Performance (EHP®) Lubricants and cleanable/reusable stainless steel oil and fuel Lifetime Filters®. Utilizing the most stringent testing standards both the Pure Power! Lubricant and Filter products have been proven to significantly out-perform and exceed all specifications for similar products. Pure Power! Products have achieved successful sales in government, military and commercial fleets, as well as many record setting racing champions. In addition, traditional everyday street vehicles, industrial, mining and heavy-duty construction equipment, marine and off-road equipment have found the same exceptional benefits. Our national and international customers include Federal, State and County governments, local municipalities, aerospace, manufacturing, marine, recreation, auto, truck & bus fleets, automotive dealers & repair facilities, farming, dairies, construction and mining. Used by such companies as the U.S. Postal Service, U. S. Air Force, County of Orange, Cities of Santa Ana and Westminster as well as Boeing, Textron, Meadow Gold, Adohr Farm, Swiss Dairy, Todd’s Enterprises, Inc. to name just a few. We have major racing champions winning and setting new records at every major racing event on track, off road, off shore, and in the air.