Protecting Tires During Long-term Storage

Some of us are lucky enough to drive our Hot Rods all year long while others are limited to a few months when good weather is present. Storing a car on a cold garage floor for long periods of time can damage the tires, causing flat spots, out of round, cracking and vibrations. Some high performance tires and drag radials are even more sensitive to flat spotting when unused for extended periods of time.

Fortunately there is a solution to help prevent this issue. Raceramps makes a product called Flatstoppers. Made from a high density “space age” foam, they are shaped with a round contour that follows the shape of the tire. They are coated with an anti-skid texture and there is never a worry about gouging your garage floor or rusting out. Storing your vehicle on these Flatstoppers provides the necessary support for the tires over long periods of time to prevent damage. Check out for ordering information.

Here are some pictures of the Flatstoppers underneath our Camaro’s tires:

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