C7 AFE Coilvers

C7 Corvette Lowering Options

The C7 Corvette in undoubtedly one the best values for both performance and handing. From the base Stingray all the way up to the most powerful Z06, it is evenly balanced and handles great on the track. In stock form there is decent amount of wheel gap between the top of the tire to the bottom of the fender. Closing this gap can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the vehicle.

There are Four ways to lower a C7 Corvette.

Lowering on Stock Bolts.

This is done by turning the lowering bolt counter-clockwise until the bottom of the bolt pad is closest to the leaf spring. This will usually net about ½”. Note: Pressure must be relieved between the bolt and lower control arm. This can be done with a jack or lifting device toward the end of the leaf spring.

Lowering on Aftermarket Bolts.

There are several choices on these bolts depending on the vendor. These bolts have a very thin rubber pad on the end as compared to the factory bolt. When these bolts are bottomed out you can go just about 1” lower than stock. Here is a comparison between the factory bolt vs. an articulating lowering bolt from AFE Power.

Stock Bolts VS AFE Lowering Bolts

Lowering on LG Spindles.

LG Motorsports offers some beautiful billet aluminum CNC machined spindles. These will lower the Corvette 1” while maintaining all OE steering and suspension geometry. All of the necessary mounting bosses are there to accept the factory air deflectors, ABS sensor, ball joints and hubs.The stock GM spindle is cast from aluminum while the LG is machined from billet aluminum.

Stock C7 Corvette Spindle VS LG Lowering Spindle

The LG Spindles come complete with new lower ball joints installed. All factory hardware bolts up with no modifications.

The front and rear spindles will need to have the hubs transferred over. Once the brakes are removed the front is straight forward with the removal of 3 bolts and the backing plate. Note the orientation of all parts when transferring over. All models will have a ABS/WSS sensor and carbon brake packages will also have the brake pad wear sensor harness that must be transferred over to the new spindles. Z06 and Grand Sport models equipped with plastic air deflectors will need to be trimmed on the bottom side to prevent hitting the inside of the wheels.

C7 Corvette LG Motorsports Lowering Spindle

The rear spindle installation is much more involved. This requires the disassembly of the electric parking brake and pressing out the axle from the hub. Depending on the C7 model there will also require swapping over the plastic air deflectors. These are attached by small 15 Torx screws. “Popping” the lower ball joints loose from the lower control arms can be a challenge. I would highly recommend the specific factory tool available from KENT-MOORE. Care should also be taken when pulling the hub from the axle as to not over-extend the CV-Joints. Pulling too far can cause a separation within the CV-Boot.

C7 Corvette LG Motorsports Lowering Spindle

C7 Corvette LG Motorsports Lowering Spindle

Lowering on Coilovers.

AFE Power manufacturers a set of bolt-on Coilovers for the C7 Corvette. These are installed in place of the stock shocks with leaf springs removed. Coilovers give you the most adjustment options compared to all other products. Ride height, rebound, compression and four-corner balancing can all be done with coilovers. Installation is similar to installing lowering bolts. With the lower ball joint separated from the spindle on both sides, the leaf spring can be removed. The coilovers are bolted in place using the factory shock mounting locations. Adjusting ride height on coilovers is done by adjusting the spanner nuts. These can be more difficult to access with the wheels installed. It may take a few times to get the desired height.

c7 corvette afe coilovers

Each one of these procedures requires a variety of different tools and skill set. A four-wheel alignment is recommended after any lowering procedure to ensure proper tire wear and handling.