Dual Optima Battery Install

The Optima RedTop Battery is a popular choice for high performance vehicles. The RedTop will outperform and outlast traditional batteries in demanding cranking/starting applications. The RedTop is completely spill proof and can be mounted in many positions unlike traditional acid filled batteries.

The LSX Dr. has done a custom Dual RedTop installation in our GEN5 Camaro SS. The stock battery and tray were removed from the trunk. I wanted to keep the factory battery cables intact and not change the ends. This would provide the most reliable connection. I then installed 2 custom trays from Blue Torch Fabrication. These trays are made specific for the Optima Battery. Both batteries were installed facing each other so the parallel set of wires could be installed. By wiring the batteries in parallel the voltage remains at 12 Volts but the cold cranking amps (CCA) is doubled. This is very important when running a high powered stereo.

Installation was simple and clean. As you can see pictured here there is not a lot of extra room in the trunk pan of the Camaro. Some careful measuring was done to get these to fit and not cut any wires. The installation was topped off by a full set of ARP Bolts.