Elite Engineering Catch Can Install

Elite Engineering offers an Oil Catch Can for the GEN5 Camaro that will eliminate oil from the intake system. Installation is simple and the unit has been proven effective.

Excessive oil vapors in the intake system can cause performance loss and be detrimental to the overall longevity of the engine.

There are several ways excessive oil in the intake system can be harmful.

  • Throttle Body and MAF Sensor contamination
  • Excessive carbon build up on pistons, valves and combustion chambers
  • Increased emissions, contamination of catalytic converters/O2 sensors
  • Air filter and intake ducting contamination from oil pooling
  • Reduced octane of the air/fuel ration which can cause detonation

The Elite Catch Can is machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and is then anodized for a custom look. There are several colors available depending on your preference. The unit is easily serviced on the vehicle by unscrewing the bottom half of the can. The internal condensing screen is stainless steel encased inside an aluminum alloy housing designed for low flow restriction. The installation bracket is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and installation hardware is all stainless steel. Brass hose barbs are standard, a chrome fitting upgrade is available.

Installation is simple and requires only basic hand tools. Depending on what model Camaro you have, the Elite Can will work on the LS3, L99 and V6 Engines.  Complete downloadable directions are available from Elite’s website.