GEN5 Camaro Brake Performance Upgrade

The GEN5 Camaro SS comes with a substantial brake system in order to stop all 3,913 pounds of rolling mass.  The SS model is equipped with fixed 4 piston aluminum Brembo calipers. Front rotors measure in at 14 inches while the rear rotors measure in at 14.4 inches.  Weight distribution is close to perfect: 52% front and 48% rear.

There are several aftermarket items available to improve the braking ability of the Camaro.  The LSX Dr. has chosen Slotted and Dimpled Brake Rotors from Brake Performance and Stainless Steel Brake Lines from Granatelli Motorsports.  Typically, the stock rotors and hubs are rusty and look ugly through the wheels. Brake Performance offers their rotors in two different Zinc finishes. The LSX Dr. chose the Black option.

The stock Brembo Calipers bolt to the spindle and do not float. There are 2 pistons for both the inner and outer brake pads.  The calipers are easily serviced by removing the two mounting bolts. There are two slide pins and a shim in the middle to secure the pads. The rotor is secured to the hub with a 30 Torx bolt.

The Brake Performance rotors are a direct fit replacement requiring no modifications.  The stainless lines from Granatelli Motorsports bolt in place using the factory brackets. New bolts and copper washers are provided. After installing the brake lines, it is necessary to bleed the air from the calipers. The Granatelli stainless lines will provide a firmer and more positive brake pedal.

Here the Brake Performance rotors are installed. The LSX Dr. also had the factory Brembo Calipers powder coated red to enhance the look.  This is a great improvement over the stock rusty look. Keeping the brakes clean and rust free will ensure the brakes operate properly and maintain even pad wear. The dimples and slots with help keep the ceramic brake pads clean and cool for optimum brake performance.