Reducing Wheel Hop on the GEN5 Camaro

The GEN5 Camaro utilizes an independent 4.5 link rear suspension. The factory toe and trailing arms are made from stamped steel and are fitted with rubber bushings. With increased horsepower it suffers from wheel hop and poor traction under hard acceleration.

PFADT Race Engineering has a developed a solution to minimize wheel hop and increase traction. There are three components to achieve this.

  1. Trailing Arms
  2. Toe Arms
  3. Differential Bushings

The PFADT arms are laser cut and tig welded for superior strength. They are lighter and stronger than the OE pieces.

Pictured here are all of the components that are in the kit.

It is easy to see the quality of the PFADT Toe Arm when compared to the stock arm. The PFADT arms come with graphite impregnated bushings fitted with Teflon coated bushings. Inside the bushings are deep cut grooves that hold grease to continuously re-lubricate the surfaces for a long-lasting quiet ride.

Installation of the Toe and Trailing Arms is done by removing two bolts for each arm. The trailing arms do not affect the alignment but the Toe Arms do. After installation, a 4-wheel alignment is necessary.

Installing the differential bushings is more involved than the arm installation. The differential carrier needs to be removed to press out the old bushings. This can be done several ways. I have found using a large ball joint press works the best.


With the old bushings out, the new bushings can be pressed in and the housing reinstalled. Detailed instructions are available for download below:

Installing these components will dramatically increase traction and eliminate wheel hop. This is an absolute must have for high horsepower and supercharged engines.