Getting Some Fresh Air

One of the most popular and effective ways to add power to your GEN5 Camaro is the addition of a Cold Air Intake. The introduction of clean, cool air increases efficiency and power. The guys at ADM Performance have a fantastic product that accomplishes just this. They have designed a replacement air intake system that bolts into the factory location. I chose their “Race” version that requires the removal of the factory washer bottle. This provides a large opening in the lower wheel well for additional air flow. There are several companies that make a washer bottle relocation kit. The one from Roto-Fab worked best for our application. With the washer bottle removed I also installed the ADM Performance Race Scoop. This is a handmade piece of sheet metal that goes behind the front bumper. It directs air from the lower, left grille opening and up to the the air filter. It can be installed without the removal of the front facia.

Both the Air Intake and Race Scoop are covered in a black “crinkle” type of finish. Another benefit to the ADM design is the location of the MAF sensor. It is mounted inside the air box away from engine heat unlike many other brands. Keeping the MAF and air intake temperature cool keeps the power level to a maximum. Independent testing shows a Peak HP Gain of 13.7.

Here is the stock Air Box assembly.

The ADM Race CAI installed.

ADM Race Scoop