Keeping Your Cool with Flex-a-lite

The GEN5 Camaro in stock form is an excellent performance sports car.  But as gear heads want to make their ride faster and increase horsepower, the demand on the engine and cooling system increases.  The stock radiator and transmission cooler was not designed for high horsepower engines that are running down the drag strip or cutting corners on the road course.

The stock radiator is made of aluminum with plastic side tanks and has an internal transmission cooler.

The Flex-a-lite radiator comes complete with a new dual fan set-up.

The Flex-a-lite Radiator is quite impressive when compared to the stock unit. It has over double the cooling capacity of the OE, nearly twice as thick and is made from 100% USA Aluminum. The width is also increased and makes for a tight tolerance when installed in between the frame rails.  It is important to note that installation will also require the modification of the factory radiator hoses.

The OE radiator incorporates an internal transmission cooler. Flex-a-lite did it right when they designed their radiator and transmission cooler as separate units. This provides a much more efficient cooling system.  The Transmission Cooler comes as a complete kit. All hoses, bracket, clamps and bolts are included.  No drilling is required as it mounts to all OE holes.  Removing the front facia makes the install very easy. The instructions that the company provides with the kit are extremely detailed, accurate, and easy to follow.

The installation of the Flex-a-lite radiator and transmission cooler will ensure your high horsepower Camaro stays cool under pressure.  And best of all the components are all made in the USA.  Contact Flex-a-lite today for the Ultimate Camaro Cooling System.