Wrap Your Hose for Protection

Standard radiator, fuel and emission hoses are just plain ugly and unprotected. Thankfully there are options for protection and added good looks. Hose candy makes a full selection of hoses and hose protection sleeves that offer superior heat protection and a custom look.

Hose Candy also makes a unique hose clamp that replaces conventional metal clamps. They are called Boa Clamps. They are heat shrunk on to the hose, conform to any shape and never need to be tightened. These can be used with the Hose Skin protection sleeves to make the ultimate leak proof hose.

Another unique hose is a product called Hose Bones. It is made from a silicone hose and has a stainless steel liner on the inside. The exterior is covered in a woven protection sleeve. The stainless steel interior skeleton allows the hose to form and retain bends, curves and custom shapes.

One application this hose can be used for is the brake booster. I made one and it came out great.