KOOKS Long Tube Headers and Exhaust

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KOOKS 3” Race Exhaust System

ARP Header Studs

When looking to increase Horse Power and overall Performance on your GEN5 Camaro SS installing long tube headers and a free flowing exhaust is one of the most cost effective ways of doing so. The stock manifolds and catalytic converters are restrictive and do not let the engine breathe. Many enthusiasts are adding superchargers, turbo chargers and aggressive camshafts so getting the engine to flow more efficiently is necessary for maximum performance.

KOOKS Custom Headers has the solution for the GEN5 Camaro SS. They offer several different options for headers, mid pipes and exhaust systems depending on horse power levels and what exhaust system you are running.

The LSX Dr. has chosen to run the complete KOOKS header and exhaust system. It is made in the U.S.A. from 304 Stainless Steel.

When ordering the complete system with headers and exhaust it is shipped in 3 large boxes.

The first step is to remove the stock exhaust system. It comes off as a complete unit from the collector to the mufflers. Once this is off the exhaust manifolds can be removed. It will be necessary to remove the spark plug wires and disconnect the O2 sensor connectors. A 13mm wrench and socket will be needed to remove the bolts holding the manifolds to the cylinder heads.

With the manifolds removed, the O2 sensors need to be transferred to the headers. Extra care should be taken when removing the O2 sensors as to not strip the threads. It is recommended to add a small amount of anti-seize to the threads when installing the O2 sensors into the headers. The O2 sensor extension harnesses can be installed at this time.

Now the headers can be installed onto the cylinder heads. The LSX Dr. recommends using factory GM exhaust manifold gaskets. These provide a leak proof seal. New bolts are provided with the KOOKS kit but we went with ARP Headers Studs. Once bolted up the O2 sensor connectors can be plugged in. Be sure to use the factory clips on the back of the heads to keep the harness from touching the headers.

Once the headers are bolted into place the mid pipe can be installed.

After the mid pipes are installed the rear pipes are put into place followed by the axle pipes and mufflers. All pipes should be installed with the clamps left loose. It will require some adjusting and aligning of the pipes to get it all to fit properly. After I installed the system I took it out for a short drive, came back and retightened all the clamps and made some minor adjustments.

Overall The LSX Dr. gives the KOOKS Long Tube Headers and Exhaust System an A+ for fit, finish, performance, and sound quality.