LS Coils and Plug Wires

Performance Distributors offers an upgraded ignition coil for LS series engines. They produce additional voltage over the stock coil to help produce more power, better throttle response, quicker starting and smoother idle. Each coil produces 7000 additional volts and will fire plug gaps up to .065”. They will bolt up to the factory brackets in just minutes.

Getting the additional voltage to the spark plug is easily achieved by a set of Performance Distributors LiveWires®. LiveWires are a high quality, low resistance set of spark plug wires designed to deliver all of the spark energy from the coil to the plugs. They are built to handle with a unique sleeve material that protect to +1400°F. Inside this high temperature sleeve is an 8mm spiral core wire with a durable and lasting silicone jacket.

Getting spark into the cylinder is critical to engine performance and efficiency. The LSX Dr. has combined the Performance Distributors Coils and Wires with a set of Denso Twin Tip Spark Plugs. The additional tip on the ground electrode results in less obstruction in spark growth. Reducing quenching results in a larger flame, better ignitability for more powerful and efficient combustion.

Combining the correct ignition components will result in smoother more responsive throttle response and better fuel economy. The LSX Dr. noticed and great improvement in overall idle quality and throttle response on our LS3 project Camaro.

Performance Distributors LS Coil 65250


Performance Distributors LiveWires C9LS1


Denso Twin Tip Spark Plugs