Underhood Dress-up

Undercover Innovations develops products to improve the appearance of the unattractive space in front of the radiator core support.  They also make a Lower Closeout Panel for the GEN5 Camaro. This panel keeps the engine compartment cleaner and directs more air over the radiator.

The Lower Closeout Panel bolts to the front sub-frame. Self tapping screws are included.  The panel is shaped to the contour of the sub-frame.

The front Show Panel Kit includes three pieces. The fender pieces are bolted in place using the supplied bolts. The center piece is held into place with the factory underhood weatherstrip.

Undercover Innovations also offers custom engraving of your logo to enhance the look of your show panels. The panels offer a sexy added touch to the engine compartment and the closeout panel will help keep your engine clean.