Installing the Camaro Front Splitter and Wind Deflectors

Looking to add some additional style and function to your GEN5 Camaro? Check out the Front Splitter and Wind Deflectors from ACS Composite. These pieces are made from high quality RTM composite and are easily installed. They are available in primer or satin black. The splitter comes with detailed instructions and all necessary hardware for installation.


With the front end lifted and the tires off the plastic inner fenders are removed. There are several screws and plastic clips holding it to the body.

Splitter 1

Splitter 4

Next remove the lower trim on the bottom of the facia. It is held in with plastic screws. These will be reused later. Also remove the two center 10mm bolts.

Splitter 5

Splitter 6

Splitter 7

Now the ACS splitter can be centered and positioned in place using the 2 center bolts.

Splitter 9

Temporarily install a bolt on each outward hole. These are used to help locate and secure the center position. Using the splitter as a template drill all the other remaining holes shown on the instruction sheet. Some holes will use bolts the others use the supplied plastic clips. The trailing edge holes will reuse the previously removed plastic screws. The LSX Dr. chose not to reuse the factory bottom trim piece giving approximately 2” of additional ground clearance considering the car is lowered 1.5”.

Splitter 8

Splitter 10

With all the hardware secured the wind deflectors can now be installed. These are held in place by three torx screws that hold in the wheel liners and one bottom bolt to the splitter. Be sure they are flush and even before tightening the screws.

Splitter 12

Splitter 11

Splitter 13



The overall fit, finish and quality of the ACS products are fantastic. Installation is easy and quick. These products will dramatically change the front end of your Camaro and add additional down force.

33-4-099 ACS T4 Splitter

33-4-113 ACS T4 Front Tire Wind Deflectors