AC Delco Announces New Rapid Fire Spark Plugs

AC Delco has added 2 new Rapid Fire Spark Plugs to their lineup. These new spark plugs will cover nearly 3.3 million vehicles on the road. The new RAPIDFIRE Plugs are designed for engines running platinum tipped plugs and will also work for engines running conventional plugs.

Platinum tipped plugs deliver longer life and improved efficiency over conventional plugs. Additional product features include:

  • Unique insulator design that improves the plug-to-boot seal
  •  A tapered center wire electrode with a platinum pad that reduces the firing diameter, helping improve the firing efficiency by concentrating and directing energy needed to fire the plug with less voltage
  •  A one-piece integral suppressor seal helps reduce radio frequency interference and meters spark plug energy to help provide long electrode life and seals against compression leakage
  •  Reduced sparking voltage