ACDelco Launches Re-designed OE Oil Filter

ACDelco has announced a re-designed Original Equipment (OE) oil filter that offers ACDelco’s exclusive Duraguard® media in a smaller package.

The new OE filter applications PF46E, PF47E, PF52E and PF61E will be installed in applicable new GM models.

The new oil filter features:

  • Increased efficiency and higher burst and collapse strength (Fig. 5, A)
  • A new Nylon core that provides better flow characteristics and improved collapse strength (Fig. 5, B)
  • A full cover baseplate that allows easy installation in blind applications (Fig. 5, C)
  • Duraguard media, ACDelco’s trademarked synthetic cellulose-blended media that efficiently filters particles as small as 10 microns — 1/3 the width of a human hair – to ensure a clean supply of oil to engine components (Fig. 5, D)
  • A combination relief and anti-drainback valve that prevents dry starts and assures oil flow (where applicable) (Fig. 5, E)

In addition to the new OE design oil filter applications, the original filters (PF46, PF47, PF52 and PF61) continue to be available in a classic design.

ACDelco Part Number with Corresponding GM Part Number

Classic Design

PF46; 19256041

PF47; 19256042

PF52; 19256043

PF61; 19256044


New OE Design

PF46E; 19210283

PF47E; 19210284

PF52E; 19210285

PF61E; 19210286

For more information about the new ACDelco oil filters, refer to ACDelco bulletin #09D-142.