B&M 6L80E Transmission Pan Install

Keeping the transmission fluid cool is the best way to increase the overall longevity. B&M Racing has introduced a specific pan for the GENV Camaro SS. It is made from K-Alloy cast aluminum that provides a 30% increase in cooling efficiency. The larger pan also adds 1.8 quarts to the overall capacity. Also available is a dipstick so fluid can be filled and checked from the engine compartment.



The B&M pan has a drain plug plus an additional port for an aftermarket temperature gauge. Plugs are supplied with the pan and were installed with a small coat of liquid Teflon to prevent any leaking.



With sufficient time given to cool down the first step is to remove the stock pan.



The magnet from the stock pan will be reused and bolted into place into the new B&M pan.


Next the B&M pan is matched up with a new gasket available from your Chevy dealer. New bolts are supplied with the pan.


With the pan and gasket ready, it is now installed onto the transmission. Using a 5mm hex drive, the bolts are tightened in sequence to 80 inch pounds. The 6L80E transmission has a fill plug on the right side. With this removed add ~7.3 quarts of Dexron VI. Reinstall fill plug if not using the B&M dip stick.

Start the engine and allow the transmission to get to operating temperature. The fluid needs to be checked between 86-122°F. Once warmed up, shift into each gear range for at least 3 seconds then back into park. Now the fluid level can be checked. If not using the B&M dip stick the plug on the bottom of the pan will be removed with the engine running. When the transmission is filled to the correct level the fluid will just drip out. If no fluid comes out more will need to be added. If it pours out, it is over filled. It is very important to have the correct fluid level in the transmission.

That completes the installation of the B&M 6l80E Camaro SS transmission pan. I recommend re-checking the fluid level and the pan for any leaks at the next oil service.