Deatsch Werks Fuel Injectors

Deatsch Werks is a company that is dedicated to providing application specific, high performance fuel injection solutions. Their product line up of fuel injectors includes over 250 applications that will fit imports to high horsepower muscle cars.

The LSX Dr. has chosen to run the Deatsch Werks fuel injectors on our project Camaro. These 65lb. injectors will provide the needed fuel on our modified LS3. Each matched set is flow balanced within 1-2%. This helps to provide excellent spray pattern and atomization for optimized idle and tuning. They offer several choices on flow rate depending on your application.

Each matched set includes a Flow Report that shows the exact specifications of each individual injector. This includes both Static and Dynamic flow data. It is recommended to upgrade the fuel pump when running larger than stock injectors. Having all the right components in your fuel system will ensure your engine runs at its maximum potential.

Be sure to check out Deatsch Werks for all your fuel component upgrades.